I need some help on git status.

When I do git status in my project directory, I see 3 categories as follows:

1) Changes to be committed:
2) Changed but not updated:
3) Untracked files:

Under "Changes to be committed" - I see files marked as modified & new file

I assume that new file here means that an added file isn't in the 
I assume that modified here means that a file that is in the repository has 
been modified and also added

Under "Changed but not updated" - I see files marked as modified

I assume that modified here means that file has changed but not added to 
the repository.

Are my assumptions in blue font correct?

There are files that are listed both under "Changes to be committed" (as 
new file) & "Changed but not updated" (as modified file).
For a moment if we ignore untracked files, how do I make sure that I have 
added appropriate files before committing?

Also, what does git do if I add a file second time without modifying it?

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