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  As I make changes to my files, I have been adding them to git repo but 
haven't been committing them.
  Today, due to an incorrect switch to the tool, I ended up overwriting a file 
I was working on.
  This file was added in repo today. Is there a way to recover that file?

Yes, but it requires a little effort on the users part. 

Git will not delete any of its stoired objects until either commanded, or it 
has become un-referenced for a reasonable amout of time (configurable) and the 
garbage collection (gc) has kicked in.

Have a search for "git lots and found loose blob" for pertenant hits. Most will 
deal with lost commits, but all types of objects can be found. 

There is a Stack Overflow question oin this very issue $SO/q/1108853/717355.


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