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Tony Girgenti <t...@lakesideos.com> wrote:

> I don't want to create a repository or contribute to any repository
> or make any commits or do anything that involves using GIT as a
> version control system.
> I simply want to download the latest software project that was put
> here by the developer.
> For instance, when I visit Higlabo on codeplex.com: 
> http://higlabo.codeplex.com/ he says that he moved to GitHub.  So,
> when I go to GitHub: https://github.com/higty/higlabo, how do I
> download the latest version of his software?

First, it depends on what you define to be "the latest".
If you mean the latest released version then navigate to the "releases"
tab in the project's Github web interface and pick a suitable format of
the released code there.

If you mean the latest commit on some branch, then the answer "it
depends": Git supports retrieval of an archived snapshot of any commit
store in a (remote) repository, but when that repository is really
remote (and is being accessed via an URL with a git://, ssh:// or http
[s]:// scheme) the presense of such support and the set of supported
archive formats depends on the server.  And Github does _not_ support
retrieval of an archived snapshots.

If it did, you could do something like 

  $ git archive --remote https://github.com/higty/higlabo \
    -o foo.zip --format zip master

but you can't.

On the other hand, this is, again, available from the web interface:

1. Click on the Code tab.
2. Pick the branch you need from the selector on the left.
3. Find a green button "Clone of download" on the right,
4. Click it and in the posted window click "Download ZIP".

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