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Derell Licht <derell.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Before we begin, is there any real pressing reason to keep things
> > this way?  
> Only that I'm new to Git and have never done a conversion like this
> before. At my previous company they used Atlassian tools alot, so I
> used Atlassian's getting started tutorial, and this was pretty much
> how they showed me to do it.  I'd actually like to put this all on
> bitbucket, but my current company doesn't want the data offsite, and
> doesn't want to pay for the service.

You could convince them trying out something like GitLab CE [1] which
is basically a Bitbucket-y thing on your local server.

Here at my $dayjob we use a combo of gitolite (SSH access using public
keys), apache (access via HTTP) and gitweb for repository browsing.

If you're afraid of non-Windows stacks or your bosses prohibit using su
ch stacks (I can understand this) you could try looking at stuff like
[2, 3, 4].

> > Try playing with the url.<base>.insteadOf configuration variables. 
> > (Run `git help config` and search for "insteadOf".) 
> >
> > Supposedly something like 
> >
> >   [url 
> > "/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=,share=git/Svr10"] 
> >     insteadOf = "//ntws4/Git/der_libs" 
> >
> > in the .git/config of a repository (or right in ~/.gitconfig for
> > that developer -- to be "global") might work. 
> Okay, I'll study these options... Thank you! 

Please share your results, when/if any.
I know this stuff works for "normal" URIs (those starting with
"http://"; etc) but would like to know whether it worked for this more
complicated use case.

1. https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce
2. https://bonobogitserver.com/
3. https://gitweb.codeplex.com/
4. http://gitblit.com/

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