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> I have a project with multiple sub-modules and some common build file
> @ the root level of the project.
> Ideally I want to have each module as a separate repo, but they are
> all part of the same repo. 
> Remember, here the sub-modules are not going to be used across other
> repo etc.  Its a strict parent-child hierarchy.
> Q1) is submodules still the right choice?
> Q2) I am using gitolite, how does one configure permissions in the
> config file for parent and child repos in such a case? I could not
> see anythign specific in the docs .. or maybe i'm playing dumb so I
> can be sure.

You need the "virtual refs" (VREFs) feauture of gitolie [1].
Make sure you read the introduction section in this manual page before
actually embarking on implementing VREF NAME checks in your
configuration because checking of VREFs have slightly different
semantics from checking normal REFs.

It worth reiterating that Git devs make it clear that Git does not may
that much attention to _files_ as some other VC systems do: for this
reason Git does not track file renames and copies.  It means
restricting access to individual pathnames in a Git repository goes
against the grain of Git's approach to content management.  It is not
necessarily incorrect, of course, but that's something worth keeping in
mind anyway.

1. http://gitolite.com/gitolite/vref.html#NAME

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