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  Subject: [git-users] Permissions problem.


  I've got remote repository on my network share.

  I need to add permission to write for my workmate, so he can execute git 
pull, but... now he can delete whole my .git folder (from Explorer/cmd, etc.). 
I would like to limit his privileges to I guess... pushing. How to achieve that?

I presume these are Windows sharing permissions.
What you are looking for is read-only, so that the pull can do the fetch from 
you, and then does the merge locally in his PC/share.

Make sure you understand the difference between a (remote) tracking branch, and 
the "remote" itself. It is easy to confuse which parts are truly local (on your 
PC), apparrently local (mapped shares with r/w access), and properly remote 
(either served, or mapped drive with r/o)


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