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wor...@alum.mit.edu (Dale R. Worley) wrote:

> > Lets say I've got a topic branch. I've made a bunch of commits. It's
> > messy. But it's done.
> > What do I do with the leftover? I thought I could tag it as
> > "closed", but I can't use the same tag more than once. What's the
> > best way to mark it as done, or should I just delete the branch
> > label and let it be garbage collected/deleted?
> Why not tag the branch tip with "<branch>_closed"?
> And if you need to reopen the branch, just delete the tag.

My personal approach to this is two fold:

1) If a (feature / bugfix) branch was fully merged (usually to some
   mainline) there really is no sense to keep it longer, and so
   I just delete it.

2) If a branch is not going to be merged anywhere, it's typically
   either a dead-end or a postponed idea.

   In the first case I _replace_ the branch with an annotated tag
   which explains why that was a dead end.  That is, a tag pointing
   to the branch's tip is created, and the branch itself is deleted
   afterwards.  In the latter case the branch just lives on.
   Attaching an annotated tag to its tip looks OK to me.

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