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Michael <keybou...@gmail.com> wrote:

> How do I move a *change* (instead of a whole file) from one branch to
> another?
> keybounceMBP:realisticfluids michael$ git diff stash^1 stash --
> RealisticFluids.java diff --git
> a/src/main/java/com/mcfht/realisticfluids/RealisticFluids.java
> b/src/main/java/com/mcfht/realisticfluids/RealisticFluids.java index
> ca1bbb5..343bbeb 100644
> --- a/src/main/java/com/mcfht/realisticfluids/RealisticFluids.java
> +++ b/src/main/java/com/mcfht/realisticfluids/RealisticFluids.java
> @@ -613,6 +613,7 @@ public class RealisticFluids extends
> DummyModContainer // if (map.distant.size() < 256)
>                          // System.out.println("Added eeet");
>                          map.distant.add(c);
> +                    map.chunks.remove(c);
>                  }
>              }
>          }
> There is a single patch in one file in that stash that needs to be
> promoted to develop. Everything else in that stash (so far) is
> debugging, one refactoring has happened (so the other stuff in the
> file won't even apply), and there would be a known merge conflict if
> I tried.
> Now, this is an absolutely trivial item, and I can apply this line by
> hand. But git should not be about doing this by hand. I figure
> there's a way to do this that I don't know.

The question is a bit vague in terminology.

Git does not store patches, it only ever stores commits, and patches
are generated on-the-fly by various tools intended to display changes
to the user (such as `git diff` etc).

The command which takes specified commits or commits from anywhere and
applies them to the currently checked out branch is `git cherry-pick`.

If you want to cherry-pick a stashed commit, two minor twists are
requred as a stash entry is itself a merge commit with its first
parent being the tip commit of the branch which were the HEAD when the
stash was recorded:

1) Pass `git cherry-pick` the "-m 1" command-line option so that it
   knows which side of the merge commit to consider to be the mainline.

2) Pass it the "-n" command-line option so that the applied change is
   not automatically committed.  This one is needed because the commit
   representing a stash entry has a pre-cooked commit message, and by
   default `git cherry-pick` commits the transferred change using the
   commit message of the change; in this case this is most probably not
   what you want.

So, do

  git cherry-pick -m 1 -n stash@{0}

followed by

  git commit

to get your change intergated.

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