Jerome Fouletier <> writes:
> I have one branch BR1 which receives frequent merges from branch BR0. 
> Branch BR1 is tagged once per sprint, and I need to list the commits that 
> have been made or merged since the last tag: 
>    -A1---B1(TAG)--C1---D1---E1---F1---G1(BR1)
>    /                  /         /
> -A0------B0----C0---D0--------E0----F1(BR0)
> In my log, I'd want to see C1 to G1 and B0 to E0. I understand that 
> TAG..BR1 will give me C1 to G1, but how to add B0 to E0? Is it possible 
> without tagging A0?

You're going to have to *find* A0, despite the fact that it isn't
explictly tagged.  I think the definition you are using is "the last
commit on BR0 that was merged into TAG".  In that case, you can find A0

    git merge-base BR0 TAG


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