I have a question, I don't know if it could be answered here.

On GitHub the display always shows the master branch and/or the number of commits your current branch has, since the master branch. You can change the default, but then a new default will probably show(?).

Yup. The point is...

I have a repo that is just a fork.

I have a feature branch based on the fork's master.

Typically I would have

master -> upstream/master

and then

feature = my own commits rebased onto master.

This means that if I open github, it will show the entire repo.

How do I add a readme file that will show on GitHub? Well it is simple, I create a local commit in master and any updates from upstream/master will be merged with it but will not update the same file.

Then, rebasing my feature branch on top of the new (local) master, the new (readme.wiki) will be included there as well.

This hides the repo's README as coming from upstream.

My thought was to move local master into a new branch such as could be called "savannah" (for the GNU git system).

Then, my readme.wiki could simply be put into the master and it would in fact only have a single commit and/or a single file.

If you then opened the master branch, it would be nearly empty; the real master would be savannah, and I would rebase the feature branch based on savannah.

That's all fine and dandy and not a problem for command line Git.

But GitHub will constantly show the difference between e.g. "savannah" and "master". But they are disconnected branches, so it will always show the number of commits of each branch:

This branch is 9384 commits ahead, 1 commit behind master.

Well, isn't that pointless.

I guess the point is that I want to *show* a different default branch while not *having* a different master.

Is there a better way to do this?

The project is GRUB2 and the feature is "pvinstall" (installation on a physical volume (LVM)). I have also included the Ubuntu sources you get with apt source grub2.

So my branches were originally:

master (from upstream) -->  pvinstall
    pvinstall_ubuntu           * (copy commits over using cherry-pick)

Meaning I have 2 different ancestors, and I can simply copy my commits to the 2nd ancestor (pvinstall_ubuntu's root commit, so to speak)

Then after rename they became:

master (contains readme.wiki)

savannah  -->   pvinstall
pvinstall_ubuntu    * (copy commits over using cherr-pick)

which basically means 3 separate lines or trees ;-).

The only reason I am renaming master to savannah is so that I can have my own readme file (I can't put the upstream master into its own subdirectory, right.) and so the readme commit won't end up mixed with other commits as it is getting merged as I update from upstream (fetch).

It's a shame I cannot just subdirectiorize this ;-).

Any ideas?

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