GUGLHUPF <> writes:
> fairly new to git. Today I did a "git add somefile" and then decided I 
> wanted to unstage it. I did then a "git rm -f somefile". There was no git 
> command in between. Particularly no commit.
> git wiped the file from disk. I worked very hard on that file (several 
> days( and I really hope this can be recovered. I could not find a solution 
> on the web. 
> For completeness I did a git reset HEAD somefile because that's what I 
> found on the web, but it didn't recover the file. 

One important thing is that the moment you realize the file is missing,
do a complete copy of your working directory and save it some place
safe:  "cp -a working-directory someplace-safe".  Don't do *any* Git
operation -- especially not "git reset" -- before you do that, because
further Git operations run a risk of losing information which is still
stored in some random place in the working directory/archive.


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