I posted this to the git mailing list, but it's a beginner question, so I 
think it's better posted here. 

Hi, Thanks for reading my question. 

I have two copies of code checked out at the same branch. Desktop and 
remote server. 

I use an IDE that automatically SFTP transfers each save from the desktop 
to the remote server, so I can run my changes on the server environment. 

At the end of the session, I commit the code on my desktop, do a git push 
to the repo. 

When I look at the server, the code there is identical to what's on my 
desktop box and what I just comitted and pushed, but, of course, git status 
thinks it's all modified and wants me to either commit it or stash it.  In 
fact, doing a git log on the server doesn't show my latest push.  So I need 
to pull the changes, but I can't because I have pending stuff. 

What's a good git workflow for this save-upload-remote test cycle? 


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