I'm trying to understand the best way to do a hot fix.

I have a develop branch, that has the "work in progress". It also has debugging 

I have a release branch. It was recently synched with develop, and then commits 
were added to remove the debug spam. A release was made from it.

A bug was found. A hotfix branch was made off master, the fix made, the hotfix 
merged back into master. All good; release.

Now I want to move that same change to develop. I do NOT want to bring in all 
the changes from master; in particular, the debug spam is still of use while 

Doing some searching, I found that "git cherry-pick hotfix" should work. And, 
it seems to.

I also found the advice that a hotfix should not be based off master, but 
rather off the merge-base of develop and master. But I did not really 
understand the reasoning given for this on stack overflow 
 and the warning about cherry-pick given there (at 
https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3947950) is also confusing.

So is there a problem with cherry-picking a change from one branch (a hotfix 
off master) into another (develop) if there will eventually be a merge back to 
master? What are the pros/cons of a hotfix off a common ancestor instead of the 
most recent release? What is considered best current practice? I am trying to 
follow the git-flow workflow, and using the git-flow scripts from 

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