Sharan Basappa <> writes:
> So, if Git stores files using just their checksums then
> a) how does it look up (or retrieve) a specific file in the database?
> For example, if it wants to find a file in the data base then it takes 
> checksum and starts computing checking of every file in its database & 
> compare?
> This looks pretty costly & rather unnecessary to me.
> b) how does it get keep track file names that are required when it gives us 
> a working copy? 

Consider one of my Git repositories.  The file .git/HEAD contains

    ref: refs/heads/hobgoblin

That points to the file .git/refs/heads/hobgoblin, which contains the
hash of the commit which is the tip of the "hobgoblin" branch:


That point to the file
.git/objects/92/f8f718eb9b19f921f20283e55c56e8dc66ed10.  That file's
contents aren't in ASCII, so you have to use "git cat-file -p
92f8f718eb9b19f921f20283e55c56e8dc66ed10" to read its contents:

    tree d5d1ad293f8fdd4a4a4e0e9a73c5c3c851126c22
    parent 39c83b086e141bb00d32737a4e2aae675d795f44
    author Dale R. Worley <> 1470669963 -0400
    committer Dale R. Worley <> 1470669963 -0400


So the hash of the tree object is
d5d1ad293f8fdd4a4a4e0e9a73c5c3c851126c22 and the hash of the one parent
commit is 39c83b086e141bb00d32737a4e2aae675d795f44.  The tree object is
in .git/objects/d5/d1ad293f8fdd4a4a4e0e9a73c5c3c851126c22, but again,
you have to use git-cat-file to read it:

    100644 blob 0215040f90f133f999bac86eede7565c6d09b93d        -NOTES
    100644 blob ef62bfd5a8e81c8ca13372b2436bccf1c0698185        -NOTES.MYOB
    100644 blob 65dda34dadf753dbfc791b5811f3cd437a666cac        
    100644 blob 88182ec16035fd4d77c0c1312ce1510f2f8da4b2        
    100644 blob 73415b6e2ebcd6a384874c0ab40ec70a5112db18        -NOTES.freeze
    100644 blob 3a4fb8ec6e7c0219c4d7ab002eaaa84abae2c72d        -NOTES.gleaning
    040000 tree c21923c2647ecec7d627a49e51b4e8b5d19344b4        .a68g
    100644 blob f9a4c46f50234a11f9ad283973ed2f11a4758f2f        .aspell.en.prepl
    100644 blob 182c2739a5cc69a322a41723d4423ed1d8a6266e        .aspell.en.pws

The contents of file "-NOTES" is in
.git/objects/02/15040f90f133f999bac86eede7565c6d09b93d.  In this case,
that object is in one of the "pack" files.  git-cat-file has to read
through the indexes of the pack files to find that.

The critical ideas are that files are stored by their *contents* not
their *names*.  Any particular blob of content has an eternally unique
name (its hash), which will be the same in any repository containing a
blob with the same bytes.  "tree" objects are used to catalog the names
of files and their contents.


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