> Your assumption is essentially correct. at each 'git add' you get new 
> blobs added to the local repository, and your index gets updated. if you 
> edit and re-add the file the new blob gets added and the index entry gets 
> updated and the old blob is left orphaned. Evenetually the garbage 
> collection (when it runs, either automatically or manually 'git gc 
> <options>')) will remove such orphaned blobs (and tree and commits if they 
> too are fully orphaned[1]) as long as they are 'too old'.
> You can use 'git fsck' to get a list "lost and found" objects that have 
> yet to be removed, so you can always (within the time limits - 2 weeks?) 
> get your contents back.

Thank you, Philip. A correction - I should have written blob and not glob 

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