On 08/15/2016 10:58 AM, Magnus Therning wrote:
> Pablo Rodríguez writes:
>> Dear list,
>> I wanted to initialize a git repo in a directory, but I mistakenly
>> reinitialized an existing repo in another directory.
>> Two basic questions:
>> - How can I undo this? (All files from this repo have been removed [as
>> anyone should expect].)
>> - If there were some uncommited modifications in the now deleted files,
>> would it be a way to recover also these modifications?
>> Many thanks for your help,
> I think it would help to know what exact commands you ran, and have an
> example of what you want to undo.
> My quick testing suggests that the man page for git-init is correct when
> it states that
>   Running git init in an existing repository is safe. It will not
>   overwrite things that are already there.

Hi Magnus,

after writing my original message, I checked git init in a brand new
repository and I realized that I deleted the files myself (assuming I
was working on a different repository).

It was all my fault. Next time I will move to trash instead of delete
files. (I copied directories, because it was the fastest way of doing it.)

Many thanks for your help,


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