It's simple,
Simple omit the && and use:
git commit content/content-a95.php exercises/css/excss57.html -m "added 

Only I has the path wrong :P
But why and what this command do with parameter &&? 

domingo, 4 de Setembro de 2016 às 21:56:51 UTC+1, 
> Hello everyone,
> I have three files on stage and I need commit only two of them. I was 
> trying this
> git commit content/content-a95.php && content/css/excss57.html -m "added 
> excss57.html"
> but opened the editor nano and asked me to write an commit. I was insecure 
> about this function and abort the mission :P
> I know only commit one of them, but I want commit two at once, in this 
> case, from stage to repository. It's possible?
> Thanks

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