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> I have a repository in github and I also need have this repository in
> my owner private repository, at home.
> I would like do "git push origin master", once time to github and
> another time to my owner private repository, it's possible?

Here, "origin" is a so-called "named remote".  It's a bit of local
configuration (stored in a particular repository) which refers to some
remote repository.
You can do

  $ git remote -v

To get a list of configured remotes and URLs they use to fetch and push

So, when you do

  $ git push origin master

you don't really point to "origin" but rather Git reads the push URL of
the remote named "origin" and uses it to actually push the data.

You can have any number of distinctly named remotes configured in your
local repository.  They are added using the `git remote add` command.
For example, you could do:

  $ git remote add home ssh://m...@my.home/~/path/to/my/repo.git

and then do

  $ git push home master

which won't affect "origin" in any way.

Please consider reading the part dealing with remotes in the Pro Git
book [1] or elsewhere as these matters are really basics.

1. http://git-scm.com/book

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