Hey folks,

Just imagine that the world ends tomorrow :) and today, just moment, I copy 
the entire folder where I have my project git, my repository on my private 
But, the world don't finish and tomorrow is another day with beautiful 
sunrise :P I sold all my pc's and all stuff and I don't any hardware, I 
will begin and mount all environment from beginning! I have the backup, my 
repository git, in usb drive, and I copy this directory to new environment 
for all my developers use it.

This is so simple? Just install (sudo apt-get install git -y), copy 
directory backup git for new environment, configurations permissions, users 
and just fine? All people can git clone and git pull or whatever?

*Note:* Sorry about greeting if offends them, but English isn't my mother 
language. By the way this greeting all right? This is cool? :P 


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