short story:

 I set up an programming exercise with two branches:
  - master with the skeleton of the exercise
  - solution with the completed skeleton

 I would like an "automatic" (simple, enforced) synchronization between 
both branches.

long story:

 I assumed that the teacher workflow was clear: change the skeleton in 
master and merge in solution. (or edit solution branch and cherry-pick in 
 Of course, I was wrong. I had two contributors: one change only master, 
the other one change only solution.

Using two repositories, eg. with scripts extracting the skeleton from the 
solution repository would have produce worst results, adding difficulties 
for post-problem merge.

Using "pull request" instead of direct edition from contributors would have 
do the job but increase  synchronization burden (for last minute bug fixes)

(Post-commit ? Pre-push ?) script doing merge from master to solution would 
solve half of the problem. But how to identify skeleton change in solution 
to merge it in master.

Any idea ?

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