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Michael <keybou...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Thank you Konstantin and Gergely!
> > Very informative reading. I'll try to keep my tree sorted out in
> > the future. :-)
> Having gone through the same issue myself multiple times before
> figuring out what was going on, perhaps this should be highlighted in
> a "Beginner's guide to common mistakes and how to avoid them" doc for
> git?

Oddly enough, this was never even remotely a problem for me.
I have started with VSS, then used CVS and, quite extensively,
Subversion, then had a cursory look at Hg and finally settled on Git.
(After that I also seriously dabbled with Fossil which I think is an
excellent DVCS, if not exactly "mine" in some of its design choices).

I mean, all the systems I mentioned do not consider the work tree to be
tied to a particular branch.  _Based_ on a branch (or on a commit, or
on a mixture of them -- as it's possible in Subversion) but not somehow
tied to it.

Hence my question is: have you folks had used some [D]VCS which did
what you expected Git to do with regard to local changes?

I have just checked Hg's docs and they say that even with its different
branching model, you still can switch branches in a particular clone
using the `hg update -c` command, and it appears to behave similar to
`git checkout`: it won't somehow "stash" your uncommitted changes but
will rather refuse to proceed unless you pass it the "-C" command-line
options letting it get rid of your uncommitted changes first.

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