There's no really good solution for batch editing commit messages. You can 
use interactive rebase, filter branch, or format patch, but you never get a 
nice complete list of messages to edit. Maybe this idea makes sense:

When rebasing interactively, I often see typos or other things, I'd like to 
fix. I can use the "edit 1234567" line for this, but this interacts with my 
original reason for rebasing. Fixing messages immediately would be the best.

So allow to use a line like "message 1234567 My new message" working just 
like "pick", but replacing the commit message.
For this to work well, add an option to "rebase -i" making the whole commit 
message appear in "git-rebase-todo".

I'm aware of "reword", but it's not exactly what I want.

What do you think?

PS: I'd use tags like "history" and "rebase", but I'm not allowed to.

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