Hello all, 

If I define an alias, any alias, git responds with "permission denied" when 
I try to use it.  If I set the environment variable GIT_TRACE to one,  what 
I see is that git is trying to execute the alias as if it's a builtin 
command.  In other words, git is not recognizing the command as an alias 
and thus does not translate it.  I know that the command I have assigned to 
the alias is valid because it executes correctly if it is used on the 
command line. 

For example, if I define: 
    alias.push-notes = push origin refs/note/* 
the command 
    git push-notes 
fails with "permission denied" 
    git push origin refs/notes/* 
works perfectly. 

I am using git version 1.7.1 under RedHat linux. 

Interestingly, the alias is correctly interpreted by git version 1.7.1 
running under RedHawk linux. 

Has anyone seen this problem or have any insight into its cause? 

Thanks in advance! 


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