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> Hi all,
> I'm extremely new to GIT, but I know it will help increase my
> efficiency when working with my brother for our website together. I've
> read a few start docs, but I have some general questions about the
> best way to set it up.
> Normally when I edit files (HTML/PHP) I have them automatically post
> to our server as I work, if we use GIT what is the best way to post
> the changes we make?

What git does best is version control, I suggest you get some other tool
for deploying your work to your site.

> Is there a specific way I should set it up specifically for this web
> based files?

Nope, nothing special should be needed on the git side.

> Are the files saved on my drive or on the internet?

All files are saved in your local workspace, i.e. (most likely) on your


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