Hello All,

I am having a problem with git on my mac. Yesterday I was completing an 
assignment for a course I am taking where we set up a git workspace and 
imported new settings which changed certain features like $ color. Some of 
the features didn't take, like being able to launch sublime from the 
terminal. I attempted to retrace my steps, but could not figure out what 
was missing. Stupidly, I ended up deleting two files that I shouldn't have, 
which seems to now be causing a huge issue with git and my .bash profile. I 
receive the following error upon logging in:

-bash: /Users/Justin/git-completion.bash: No such file or directory
-bash: /Users/Justin/git-prompt.sh: No such file or directory
-bash: __git_ps1: command not found
Justin ~ $

I believe the problem stems from the missing git-completion.bash and 
git-prompt.sh files. I am not sure about the git_ps1 error. 

I have tried to identify the location of git using 'which git' but I am 
denied, and similarly, I have been denied every way I could think of to 
remove git. I have tried the following commands:

rm -rf /usr/local/git
rm /etc/paths.d/git
rm /etc/manpaths.d/git

sudo port uninstall git

brew uninstall git

None of these commands have been successful. I feel like I am completed 
bricked. Please help!

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