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  From: Vipin Chaudhary 
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  Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2017 5:55 AM
  Subject: [git-users] Getting Error while moving project from GitHub to gitlab

  Hi there,

  I am Vipin Chaudhary , new to this group i am here to ask about some problems 
that i faces during using git
  Recently i was moving a open source project to private repository on gitlab , 
i moved it successfully , but after few days i was getting an error while doing 
anything by git, like i did `git status` or `git add -A` so it was throwing 
some indexing error , and i dont know where it did came from and it was 
blocking me to push my changes on repo. So i somehow managed to rescue it, But 
i never understood the reason behind it.
  So anybody here know where is that error came from ??

If you could copy paste the exact command sequence and error reports that would 
greatly help folk decide what the initial problem was.

As you will have found Git is a powerful tool, using new concepts that most are 
not yet familiar with, so getting the exact messages and commads does allow 
collaborators to focus in on what your issue is.


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