does anybody know how to keep 2 branches synced, each of them having 2 
specific/private commits, which must not be pushed to the second branch. 
They have common history and common future.

I want to have something like this:

branch A:        E--H--I--J--K----------M
                   /       \  \  \        /
master:  A--B--C--D         \  \  \      /
                   \         \  \  \    /
branch B:           F--G------I--J--K--L

At any point in the future I would like to use regular "git merge A" and 
"git merge B" to sync and B without loosing E,H and F,G respectively.

This could be done by using orphaned branches A and B, but then I loose 
common history which I also need to keep.

Any ideas?


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