Hi Peter,

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 9:35:43 PM UTC+2, pro...@ucsd.edu wrote:
> How does git handle multiple directories and sub-directoreis?
> 'm developing a system with code files in several different directories & 
> sub-directories, but when I search the git manual I find nothing about 
> directories.

You don`t need a Git repository for every directory, but only one 
repository for the root directory, and it will track everything all the way 
down from there, recursively -- everything you tell it to track, actually, 
as Philip already mentioned.

Note again that Git tracks _files_ (content, to be precise), so if you have 
empty directories, or directories with untracked files only, Git won`t 
bother with those directories, as it finds them irrelevant, no content to 
track in there.

That sad, you certainly _can_ have more Git repositories one inside another 
as there may be valid reasons you would want to do so, but that usually 
involves some more Git knowledge, and might be you shouldn`t be bothered 
with it for now :)

Regards, Buga

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