Hi Lucky Limey,

On Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 4:46:20 PM UTC+2, Lucky Limey wrote:
> I have a private repository set up for a project. I may be heading for a 
> dispute with one of the coders.... How do I protect the repository from 
> vandalism? I would hate for him to delete all our work etc. etc.

By removing his write access to the repository? Or just making a clone, or 
a simple copy of it...?

Otherwise, what are you exactly concerned with?

One of the beauties of a distributed version control system, which Git is, 
makes for each repository clone being a full/original/authentic repository 
copy. So as long as at least one person has the repository (locally, or 
wherever), the code and its history can`t get lost/damaged, no matter if 
some repository you`ve declared "central" gets corrupted/deleted/lost - you 
would just clone it again from any other still existing repository.

For example, if I have a GitHub repository, I`ll most probably have a local 
clone of it, the one which I`m working on, so even if my GitHub repository 
gets deleted/detroyed it won`t really matter as I still have everything in 
my local clone, and I can easily recreate GitHub repository as if the issue 
never happened.

Only in case if I`m the only one having the GitHub clone, and I haven`t 
synchronized my local clone lately (through fetch/pull) and there were some 
changes on GitHub side which gets destroyed, I would lose those latest 
commits since my last synchronization, but that`s really the worst case 
scenario - usually more than one person would work on GitHub repo, and any 
of them might have a more recent clone (or s fully up to date one).

Anyway, nothing beats regular/planned backups, just that Git might even 
save you when you (think you) don`t have one :)


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