On 2017-07-20, at 4:11 PM, Jon Erickson <jerick1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> To start, the user that generated this error was advised to backout the 
> resulting munge and use a standard merge to fix his problems.  Following 
> standard merging practices fixed his problems but his original approach had 
> been nagging at me.  This user was using git pull to merge from master to his 
> personal development branch.  Here are the steps he was performing and the 
> resulting pop:
> git checkout -b ticket/1976 origin/master
> git commit -m 'As requested, renamed files to reflect their type.'
> git commit -m 'Added convenience alias for commands.'
> git commit -m 'Modifications to support "use PAW" Banner display.'
> git pull origin master
> got the following:
> error: merge died of signal 11 (SEGV) plus a core file

Alright, so something is wrong with this sequence.

If this is the sequence, then each of those commits would have done nothing and 
would have given an warning message. You have no git add commands to indicate 
anything modified.

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