On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 12:23:24AM -0700, T Obulesu wrote:

> I have some 50 Raspberry pis / local machines and I want those machines to 
> download latest software/applications from my bitbucket repos automatically 
> whenever there is any update. And It shouldn’t prompt for authentication 
> every time it downloads..

Typically there are two ways to achieve this:

a) Usning unencrypted SSH keys to make the SSH client used by Git to
   not ask the password.

b) Using certain instrumentation such as sshpass [1] to make the SSH
   client ask the password but accept it in a non-interactive manner.

c) Using the ~/.netrc file read by the libcURL library which is used by
   Git when accessing repositories using the HTTP/HTTPS protocols to
   read the authentication parameters.

Which way to deploy, depends on what protocol you intend to use to
access the repos, and what protocol Bitbucket servers actually support.

Note that in the cases (a) and (c) you store the password as plain text
(in the former case the SSH key file is itself "the password", and in
the latter, the password is stored in the file in clear text), so you
have as tight permissions on them as possible.
In the case (b) you're assumed to script Git invocations so that they
receive the password, and this means that password is, again, should be
stored somewhere (right in the text of the script or read by it from
somewhere), and so the same precautions must be applied.

1. http://sourceforge.net/projects/sshpass

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