On Sunday, August 06, 2017 12:37:25 PM G. Sylvie Davies wrote:
> On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 9:14:24 AM UTC-7, Michael Gersten wrote:
> > Maybe a better question: How is someone supposed to learn all the things
> > that git can do? I've never seen that one mentioned.

I've been mostly a lurker on this list, as someone who has decided to try to 
use git rather than any of the other (I'll get the wrong acronym, but, let me 
try) CMS that I've used and learned only superficially in the past.

IMO, git is sort of like *the* swiss army knife of CMS--it can do (almost?) 
anything.  To me, the key is to learn the parts that suit my needs (currently 
based on previous experiences with other CMSs), or new needs that might come 
up on future projects, either recognized by mysels or somewhat imposed by a 
(group) project I might be working on.  (I know.)

I wouldn't try to learn everything it can do, at least, certainly not in the 

If there is something you need to do, and can't figure out after some 
reasonable effort on your part, ask.

> Tee hee!   Git knowledge is essentially passed down through an oral chain
> of transmission.  For me, I learned about "for-each-ref" when I asked a
> question on stack-overflow.

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