I'm looking for how to add a pull request, based off a newer master, to my 

The specifics: I'm trying to work with OBS 18.0.2 (version 19 won't run on my 
older OS). I'm trying to add in a pull request (979, 
https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/pull/979 ) to my build.

That pull request is based on a nearly current master, so "git merge " tries to 
bring in all of master.

I've done this with other github stuff. I've got a version of youtube-dl, for 
example, that includes a few prosposed pull requests. Those don't give me 
trouble, because I keep updating master, and those pull requests don't add 
anything that gives me trouble.

This one? What I want seems pretty simple. I want to take the total deltas of 
this (origin/pr/979) since it left origin/master, and apply that to the current 
branch (LocalMaster). 

How to do that, and keep it updated if that pull request is updated, is what I 
don't know how. In this case, it's unlikely to be updated, as it's already 
merged into the newest master. But in general, if I'm assembling a 
"frankenstein's monster" from pieces, how do I glue the pieces together?

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