Thank you, that was helpful!

On Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 10:56:14 PM UTC-7, Mitch Negus wrote:
> When reading through this Atlassian tutorial on Git 
> <>, it says 
> that the set of commands
> git checkout feature
> git merge master
> can be condensed into the one-liner
> git merge master feature
> presumably to avoid needing to checkout the feature branch. I have not 
> found this command to work though. Instead, when I run the one-liner in the 
> master branch of my repository, it merges the feature branch into the 
> master branch, rather than the opposite. Is this a mistake in the Atlassian 
> tutorial, am I missing a set of circumstances where this action applies, or 
> am I maybe just misinterpreting this entirely?
> Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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