Hi Philip,

On Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 9:29:52 PM UTC+1, Philip Oakley wrote:
> I think what you are seeing is that you you have confused different parts 
> of the display messages.
> I believe Git says:
> You asked Git to cherry pick a commit that has the subject line 
> "dir02/abc.apk"

At first I thought the same, but I managed to actually recreate the issue, 
and the warning line really mentions (different) file name at the end. In 
my test example, it was: 

warning: Cannot merge binary files: a.txt.gz (HEAD:a.txt.gz vs. c8fe548... 

... where "testing" is a commit message, and "b.txt.gz" the actual filename 
in that commit (opposing "a.txt.gz" inside HEAD).

Regards, Buga

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