Thanks for the response!

Yes, I agree--initiating a commit (as you described)  manually is pretty easy, 
and an automatic trigger may be overkill.

Randy Kramer

On Sunday, December 10, 2017 08:07:59 AM Igor Djordjevic wrote:
> Even in situation without a build system (so no "post build" trigger), like
> when writing/editing documentation, it should be pretty easy to use any
> available/simple task scheduler to trigger something like `git commit --all
> --no-edit --allow-empty-message` I mentioned (or any variation of it), each
> 5 minutes, for example.
> But when I think about it more, might be one of the reasons why this
> functionality isn`t part of core Git yet is also that it`s not really an
> advised way of using Git - yes, it`s still possible, but there doesn`t seem
> to be a point in making it any easier, as you would really like people to
> do something else - for their own sake. And even then, it does really seem
> pretty easy to do in the first place, even without "official Git
> configuration" for it.
> Regards, Buga

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