I am a newbie (mostly) to C and C++ (and GCC, and git)

I am preparing to do some development on the Scintilla project (which is an 
editor control / widget / whatever).  There is a companion project named Scite 
(which is a word processor, originally developed as a platform for testing 

Normally, revisions of Scite and Scintilla are ket in sync--I mean, when, for 
example, a 3.7.6 version of Scintilla is release, a 3.7.6 version of Scite is 
released at the same time.

When I understood that to be the case (and it is still usually the case) I 
intended to have a basic directory structure like the following (i.e., 
separate scite and scintilla under a sciscint directory with a .git in the 
sciscint directory to deal with both scite and scintilla)

.../sciscint   <git repository here to handle both scite and scintilla>

Because I'm using an older OS (Debian 9.n) with older versions of GCC, I can't 
develop on the most up-to-date version of scite and scintilla as they now 
require features of (iiuc) C++ version 14 (and maybe 17), available starting 
with GCC 7.1, which is not (normally) available on Debian 9.n.

Scintilla does have a long term support version which I can compile / develop 
on Debian 9.n (version 3.7.6), but, unfortunately, the source code for scite 
3.7.6 seems to be unavailable (or at least not readily available).

Thus, I expect to start my developmen using scintilla 3.7.6 and scite 3.7.5 
for testing, and, when I compile, I expect to compile both.

So, now I'm thinking maybe I'd be better off with a directory structure like 
the following:

.../sciscint                 <no git repository>
.../sciscint/scintilla    <git repository here to handle scintilla>
.../sciscint/scite        <git repository here to handle scite>

My question is, with the earlier directory structure, will I have problems 
trying to maintain scintilla at one version level and scite at a different 
version level.

In fact, now that I think about it, maybe the second directory structure is 
more appropriate in any case (as they are two different applications, and (I 
presume) I will have to compile them separately.,


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