Am Montag, 12. März 2018 16:42:41 UTC+1 schrieb Michael Gersten:
> There are two different ways to do this in git. Well, two ways that I know 
> of. 
> The plan ahead method: make a new branch, and do anything that you want on 
> the new branch. If you are playing around with more than one original 
> branch, you may need to make more than one new branch. 
> With this method, cleanup is simple: delete the branches that you created. 

This is the best, exactly what I hopefully won't forget the next time. 

The recovery method: the "git reset" command. "Reset" has the job of moving 
> the branch pointers. The manual page is extremely confusing, but the bottom 
> line is this: reset is used to move a branch pointer to a new location in 
> the tree. This allows you to move the pointers back to where they were when 
> you first cloned the repo. "-Hard" is the variant of reset that says, 
> "throw away anything done, and make it look exactly like it was at the 
> specified SHA"

OK then, this is if I forgot to branch it: 

git reset --hard HEAD

Seems exactly to work as I wish, Thank very much :)



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