If you just fetch the remote, then you will find (after a bit of mental gymnastics) that the branch upstream/gh-pages is already directly available (locally) as part of the remote refs. However the problem is how to start a personal, 'editable/extendable' branch for your work on top of it.

I am guessing that you already have a personal refs/heads/gh-pages that is mapped to your origin/gh-pages, which you do not want confused.

You probably also want to avoid the confusion of creating a local branch upstream/gh-pages to be confused with the refs/remote/upstream/gh-pages.

Why not try creating a branch called say, up/gh-pages, (i.e. we shorted the name to 'up') which can then gain a ref-spec that maps the refs/heads/up/gh-pages to the refs/remote/upstream/gh-pages when pushing IF that is want you want to do (assumes you are allowed to push there).

BUT more likely you simply want a refs/remote/origin/up/gh-pages on your origin and create a PR from there to request the up/gh-pages commits are accepted at upstream/gh-pages

The trick I used here is to have that extra short name prefix part 'up/' to disambiguate your two variations of 'gh-pages'.

For further mental gymnastics, remember that, for a branch ref name, the '/' isn't really a directory separator because refs are a single string. In fact it is just the internal implementation that sneaks in the trick of pretending that it's a path so that it can use the FS to create an fancy internal hierarchy... <heads/explode>

TL;DR add 'up/' prefix to [your copy of] their gh-pages branch, create refspec to map between it and upstream/gh-pages.


On 20/11/2018 21:37, Michael wrote:
This should be really basic. But up until now, I've never had to rename 
branches; when I clone something, or fetch, I fetch all the tags/branch names, 
and my stuff is always on a new branch.

Well, I'm now in the case of needing to maintain a branch named "gh-pages", that is not 
the same as the "gh-pages" branch of my upstream. And renaming isn't an option.

So, what's the syntax for dealing with (for example)

keybounceMBP:AutoTrimps michael$ git remote -v
origin  https://github.com/keybounce/AutoTrimps (fetch)
origin  https://github.com/keybounce/AutoTrimps (push)
upstream        https://github.com/Zorn192/AutoTrimps (fetch)
upstream        https://github.com/Zorn192/AutoTrimps (push)
keybounceMBP:AutoTrimps michael$ git branch --list -a -r
   origin/HEAD -> origin/gh-pages
keybounceMBP:AutoTrimps michael$

I'm going to want to work with their gh-pages, which is going to be updated, and merged 
in, but I want "gh-pages" to be mine. So what do I need to do to keep this 

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