On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 06:20:15AM -0800, Ilya Vassilevsky wrote:

> Hello everyone :)
> I'm developing a deployment automation tool. It can compile and deploy code 
> from a Git repository.
> I would like to add a command-line argument that specifies the revision to 
> deploy. It can be a branch name, a tag name, or just a plain SHA-1.
> What is the best collective noun for these?
> "Revision" does not cover branches and tags. "Reference" does not cover 
> revisions. "From" is a good candidate :) but I would like to use something 
> more Git-specific.

The Git docs have two approaches to naming these things.

First any named reference to a commit is called a "ref" which is short
for "reference". You can search for "ref" just right there in the
top-level git(1) manual (run `git help git`). And that is the reason why
"reflog" is named like this and not, say, "revlog" ;-)

Second, the docs semi-informally refer to any thing which can be
resolved so a commit as "commitish" (or "commit-ish").
For instance, run `git help revisions` and search for the latter form.

Commitish is also a more wide term than "a ref or the name of a commit"
since a complex combo of '^'-s and '~'-s may be applied to a ref or the
name of a commit to refer to some other commit.
IOW, a commitish is anything which Git is able to parse in such a way to
arrive to a commit.

I think the "commitish" may sound too outlandish for people not too
familiar with Gits ins and outs, so I'd name your command-line option
just "--commit" but stated in the documentation that it really is a
"commit-ish" and the user is free to use anything which fits the bill.

If your command line parser understands unambiguous prefixes, you may
name it "--commitish" and also accept just "--commit".

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