I am working on a project which required pulling source code into a 
subdirectory from a remote repo. Using the following commands

repo init -u <url> -b -m <xml file>
repo sync -c --no-tags

which I believe are python interfaces to git.

In any case I have this one subdirectory that already has git initialized 
in it.  I would like to use git to manage the super directory that contains 
this sub-directory while maintaining the pre-existing git information in 
the subdirectory including the ability to do new pulls from that 
subdirectory's repo if necessary.  (I don't have permission to push.)

I would like to be able to run commits at the top level directory that mark 
the state of the entire tree including this subdirectory.

I'm relatively new to git and just discovered submodules which seems like 
the right way to go, but all the basic examples of submodules seem to have 
you clone the submodule into a super-repo rather than somehow initialize it 
into the super-repo.


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