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On 15/12/2018 16:39, Philip Oakley wrote:
Hi Brett,
On 14/12/2018 19:54, wrote:
On Friday, December 14, 2018 12:35:27 PM Brett Walker wrote:
I have 120+ Visual Studio solutions and 320+ databases (using Red Gate
Source Control)
What is a Visual Studio solutions (i'm too lazy at the moment to google that) -- is that a program / piece of software, part of a program, or is that a "repo" representing various commits toward a particular piece of software.

If each "solution" represents commits toward a particular piece of software, I'd consider combining them all into one git repo.  If the 320+ databases are directly related to those programs, and are not too big, I might consider
putting all of that in one git repo.

Another viewpoint is to consider the file system layout for the global projects. Git manages a single directory and its sub-folders and their files. One can ignore sub folders, or one can make sub-folders into independent git repositories (e.g. say for a library component). The latter method is typically a sub-module.

The main point is that the layout choice is more social, administrative or management dependent.

Because all git repositories have the same top level, detectable arrangement (look up $GIT_DIR) it is possible to search pragmatically for all the repos and maintain control, certainly on the main server.

However, do remember that Git is DISTRIBUTED, which means that the local user has local control (and its their problem;-), so they can place the Git repos in places for their convenience, even if they have to set their 'remote' addresses to the URLs you give them (i.e. you can make it easy for yourself, they make it easy for themselves, happiness all round..)

There is no limitation (that I'm aware of) on the size or contents of a git repo, beyond various hardware / software limits (things like maximum size of a
file, maximum files in a directory, ...) for a specific OS.

There is no limitation on what kind or subject of content that can be in a
given git repository.

If they are 120 different programs, I'd seriously consider making them 120
separate repos, unless some of the programs were closely coupled to make
several of them part of a common (mashup?) application.

I guess my point is, make it easy on yourself and your fellow developers.

Definitely: make it easy on yourself [and allow your fellow developers to please themselves..]


make it easy on yourself

make it easy on yourself

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