On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 10:31:18PM -0800, Rohit Agarwal wrote:

> I am Rohit Agarwal , second year  b.tech(CSE)  undergraduate from IIT 
> Mandi.I am open source enthusiast .I would love to contribute inthis 
> organisation .
> I have worked these langauages HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,NODEJS ,MONGODB.


You have hit the wrong mailing list and have ostensibly selected a wrong
way to approach your target.

First, this list is used to help Git users with their problem with using
Git; the developers of Git do not participate in this list.

If you want to reach the devs, post to the main Git list; [1] details
how to do this.

But before you do this, consider these two things:

- First, Git is mostly written in C, with some parts of it written as
  POSIX shell scripts, and in Perl (two "stock" GUI front-ends are
  written in Tcl and using the Tk toolkit).

  Thus, I, for one, fail to see how your skillset could be usefully
  applied to Git. Git has a website [2], but to my knowledge it's
  a static set of pages generated from some markup sources.

  Also note that Git is a pretty "hard-core" project for a newfangled
  developer. I'd recommend to embark on simpler things for a useful

- Second, I'd recommend to start with studying what's already there.

  To my knowledge, the way for students to participate is through
  GSoCs, in which Git is usually featured. So start with reading, say,
  this recent discussion [3] and study other past discussions related
  to GSoCs [4].

2. https://git-scm.com
4. https://public-inbox.org/git/?q=GSoC

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