On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 04:43:06PM +0100, stephanie mathias wrote:

> >> I think these configs should be stored at ~/.gitconfig. By deleting or
> >> editing the file, you can reset these settings.
> > Don't remove them. That's the default configuration.
> thanks guys! just to clarify, do i make a new directory called gitconfig
> and store it in there?

Well, depends on what you're after.

The file ~/.gitconfig stores the so-called "global" configuration, which
is per-user (there also exist two other levels: "system" and local to a
particular Git repository).

So, we hypothesized you have lots of stuff accreted in your global
config. If you want to delete it, simply _move_ the file ~/.gitconfig
somewhere (the easiest it so just rename it), and then see whether your
offending config stuff is gone.

There is no need to recreate that file: Git will do that automatically
whenever you call `git config` with the "--global" command-line option.

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