Robin Shen <> writes:

OneDev is an MIT licensed git server with unique features such as language
aware code search/navigation, issue workflow customization, free
source/diff comment and discussion, etc. We developed this project to manage own own product as GitHub/GitLab lacks some features we wanted. Hope
this project can benefit more users.

Visit for more details.

Slightly underwhelming:

- I _have_ to create an account instead of just using Google (or
 something else)
- After creating my account I appear to be logged in but the only thing I can do is change my preferences... I can't create projects... if this isn't a project hosting service I _completely_ failed to find any text saying it, and I don't understand the point of being able to
 create an account on a github-like site that _isn't_ a hosting
- Trying to log back in fails completely, and since I'm using LastPass
 to generate and keep my passwords I'm sure I'm not entering my
 credentials wrongly


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