On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 12:16:26PM -0800, Victor Toni wrote:

> Doing open source work (mostly via GitHub) and having an automatic setup 
> for work (installer which can put the IDE and source anywhere) I sometimes 
> end up having my public email address and and my work address mixed up on 
> commits.
> I tried to group my public activities in a common directory and work 
> rrealted repositories in another but this is not always feasible.
> So my git setup which is based on directories does not work out in same 
> case.
> Is it possible to assign "user.email" based on remotes? This would seem to 
> solve my problems.
> (I know that it might get confusing when using multiple remotes on the same 
> repository, but this is something I do only as an exception...)

I'm not sure it's possible to achieve _exactly_ what you're after, but I
think it's perfectly possible to get you halfway there.

You could create a pre-commit hook which would roll like this:
1) If HEAD does not point to a branch, do nothing.
2) If HEAD points to a branch, read its remote. If none is configured,
   do nothing.
3) Obtain the url of the remote and compare it against a list of
   "known" remotes. Act on the result.

The crux is the check in (3): say, you configure your identity to be
associated with your $dayjob, and then have the check see whether the
remote is not your $dayjob's host(s). If so, the hook would print a
warning message telling you what's the problem and quit with a non-zero
exit code to abort creation of a commit. You would then recommit while
overriding GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variables —
like in

  $ GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=foo GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=bar git commit ...

or using the "-c" command-line option to the "umbrella" git command:

  $ git -c author.name=foo -c author.email=bar commit ...

You could have a special Git alias to do one of the above like, I dunno,
`git foss-commit` ;-)

The commands you'd need for such a hook script, are: `git symbolic-ref`,
and `git config`.

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