Is there a way to list ALL of the ignore files that a given git uses?

There are tons of files and locations that git uses and Googling only 
reports a partial list...... in my case, I had, but forgotten, both 
~/.gitconfig AND ~/.config/git/ignore. The later was never mentioned 
anywhere on Google but was the culprit of my issue.

Ok, I know, git check-ignore be used. But not in my case!!! Here is an 

git add lib
The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files:
Use -f if you really want to add them.

git check-ignore lib

git check-ignore -v -n lib
:: lib

The 2 git check-ignore clearly say that lib should not be ignored (the NO 
OUTPUT is me writing) while git add ignores it. So, somehow, git 
check-ignore is misleading. Some files under lib are already under control; 
I probably added lib/ in the ignore long time ago (so that I forgot) and 
MAY be the reason why git check-ignore fails reporting the same behaviour 
as git add. Just a guess though...

Anyway, the ability to explicitly list all of the source of ignore files 
would be a nice thing to have. Ideally, you want the list to be in the same 
order as what git is using.

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