I’m not sure where to report this, but in git version 2.20.1.windows.1 
there’s a problem with the non-printable characters of the documentation 

For example, running `git merge-base --help` opens 
which includes ASCII 0x09 TAB characters in the history graphs, which are 
rendered misleadingly in my Chromium-based browser (but fine in Firefox).

Specifically, here’s how the last tabs-and-spaces-preformatted graph at the 
bottom of that page looks to me:

[image: vivaldi-pre-offline.png]
which wrongly suggests that the rebase point of the previous command was B^ 
instead of the actual B (due to the TABs being rendered narrower than the 

Interestingly, the corresponding online page 
https://git-scm.com/docs/git-merge-base renders fine (like in Firefox):

[image: vivaldi-pre-online.png]
perhaps due to some fonts substitutions.

I think that this whole problem would be avoided if the 0x09 TAB characters 
from the documentation were replaced with 0x20 SPACE characters.

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