Hello all,

This is an *extremely* specific question which I've been trying to get an 
answer to for quite a while now, so hopefully someone here knows the answer.

Let's say I am starting from nothing, an empty directory on a server. I 

   - The URL for a public git repository
   - Two endpoint SHAs (commits on the same branch)

I want to get the complete diff between those commits *excluding* merge 
commit changes, and I want to do this as fast as possible (so much faster 
than cloning everything and diffing).

I am able to get almost there with the following sequence:

# Fast clone
git clone --verbose --no-checkout --filter=blob:limit=250k --single-branch 
--branch=${branch} --depth=${depth} $REPO_URL

# Get a series of patches
git log --no-merges --first-parent --patch ${base.sha}..${head.sha}

However I need to get a *single* patch that represents all the changes 
combined, not a series of patches from the log. In theory I could combine 
the series of patches I get but I have found that task exceedingly 
difficult (suggestions welcome!)

This might sound like a wacky task, but it's actually quite commonly done. 
If you are using GitHub to view the changes in a pull request and select a 
range of commits which includes a merge, GitHub does this exact operation 
on the backend. I just can't figure out how.

Any pointers welcome!

- Sam

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