Pedro Amador Rodriguez Álvarez <> writes:

Hi Pedro,

> What happened instead? (Actual behavior)
> I obtain this response:
> $ git log --oneline 876ddcc
> 876ddcc (tag: v1.97.3) CLOUD-6915 Build Update "cambiar error"
> 3df874c (tag: v1.97.2) CLOUD-6915 Build: New
> f440fd8 Merged in feature/CLOUD-6948 (pull request #432)
> 7070dd0 Merged in feature/change-pipeline (pull request #434)
> aaf0766 Merge branch 'release/new' into feature/change-pipeline
> a2cb871 (tag: v1.96.1) CLOUD-6948 Build: New
> 737983c (tag: v1.96.0) Build: Merge from develop when releasing
> What's different between what you expected and what actually happened?
> There are missing commits. In the first "git log" the history is:
> 2c1cbcf -> 876ddcc -> e36c83a -> 3df874c -> 5139db8 -> 4dea4da -> c921c76 
> -> f440fd8 -> 2afc449 -> 7070dd0 -> 69ba108 -> aaf0766 -> a2cb871 -> 737983c

No, there are many merge commits (at least according to the commit
messages) so the history is surely not completely linear.  The first
thing I'd do is run "git log --graph --oneline" and compare that to "git
log --graph --oneline 876ddcc".  Most probably that will already solve
the mystery.


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